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Deviance Disorder

Today I present you some of the work developed by Alex Page the last year.

Each one of us has something that goes off from what's normal. Some may call it a disorder, some may call it simply being human.

This EP, released in 2014, represents precisely the existing bias, in our society, towards its high standards, or what is expected; the acceptance of this fact should, then, bring a greater sense of inner peace.

"O projecto Alex Page foi iniciado em 2013 e a 30 de Setembro de 2014, publicou o seu primeiro EP "Deviance Disorder". O objectivo principal deste trabalho é mostrar o desvio existente na nossa sociedade para com os seus altos padrões e uma aceitação posterior desse facto, que deve trazer uma paz interior.
A música poderá ser categorizada como alternativa e electrónica, com diversas influências"
. (Facebook)

Little Star - An Essay On Society

Little Star, the debut single of the EP "Deviance Disorder", is in my opinion a real avant-garde song. I can not think of anything that could be similar to this (which can be extremely good, as it can be not so good). Plus I love Alex's voice on the backgrounded effect. The video conveys a lot of different little relevant messages for society, integrated into a whole bigger message. I personally love the synthesizers, but this is a personal opinion only, as I really do love all that has to do with electronic wicked sounds. This song's ending really nails it!

Freeze - An Essay On Trust

Starts as an electronic danceable song and then turns out into some naughty mix of sounds, ending up with a beat that doesn't remind me of anything else but Thom Yorke's influence. (which is an extremely good thing!)


Lót - An Essay On Self-Acceptance & Self-Love

One of my favourites on this EP, it starts off with that amazing synthesizer that immediately transports me into Goldfrapp world. A surprise from beginning to end, with the constant introduction of new sounds, and oh, how I love that.

Regarding the message it conveys, this one is to me the mostly high representative song of the whole album. By this I mean it's the pure expression of recognizing our disorders, everyone's disorders and non-normalities, "you're going under too", with the inherent acceptance it carries. Acceptance, in its turn, turns into love.

Although the video may come accross as cliche-ish for some, and I do get why one would think that, in my opinion the video is really awesome, representing simultaneously the things that bind us and the need of release from those same things.


I'm through with Love - An Essay On Despair

Again, an avant-gard mix between the classical traditional piano and the wicked electronic (this time a bit more subtle) sounds. I kind of like the dramatic scent it has to it, as the notes are talking to you, and the curious ending. The ballad of the EP, it is the song that speaks to me the less, but it's worthy of a good listen. Love the video, it is simple but I do love Marilyn Monroe :)


Silva Haze - En Essay On Madness.

Madness is the keyword. Madness, crazyness, mania, delirium, hysteria, insanity, ultimately, disorder. (and I think there's not much more to say!).

This is an album (and project) that speaks directly to my heart, as I've been watching it "being born" and "growing up". I participated on it (one video), I gave my suggestions and opinions, And there's so much more of me in here. I heard the demo versions and now I am proudly spreading the final result.

Above all, this is an EP that transpires rawness, authenticity, some anger, and the ultimate shout that needed to come out.

"What's your disorder?"

Last but not least, I leave you with the new debut from the new Alex Page's album, coming up soon, 

"The Complex".


 In my opinion? Melody followed by amazingness.

Alex Page (additional infos):

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/project.alexpage 

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/alexpagemusic

BandCamp (free download of EP "Deviance Disorder"): http://alexpage.bandcamp.com/album/deviance-disorder


Alexandre Matias (voice, synthesizers and production)

Cláudio Pinto (bass, synthesizers and production)

Ricardo Neves (drums)

Marvin Buedtz (production, mixing and mastering).

All of the opinions expressed here are purely personal and my description or opinion on each song  does not follow any specific criteria.

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